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Gelato is a hybrid crossed from taste-engineered parents Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and fruity indica Sunset Sherbert. With a balanced, mellow high and a universally appealing flavor profile, this is a great strain for social use. Buy Gelato kush Germany, Buy Gelato kush Berlin, Order Gelato kush Europe

Top strain gelato weed and vape cartridges , direct imported .

Gelato’s buds tend to be small but they have the thick and dense structure characteristic of many indica varieties. This is a strain with immediate visual appeal: bright orange pistils stand out against forest green leaves that are accented by shades of deep purple. Gelato weed for sale Germany , Order buy gelato weed Berlin

Honestly one of the best hybrids i’ve tried. Had it here and there but if you get some good gelato you should be blown away super chill. but still keeps ya somewhat motivated nice bud, Buy gelato weed germany